The Curse of “Busyness” And How To Slow Down

Isn’t it interesting that the word “busyness” is the same as the word “business”, except for the one letter?

When did busyness become a prerequisite for those in the business world?

We live in a very competitive world where achievement, status, success and financial accumulation are valued and aspired to. In order to accomplish these milestones we work the daily grind of 9-5 or more, with an often long and tiring commute at either end of the day.

We end up sacrificing our own creativity as we do the work for which we have been hired. The work can be dull, repetitive and under-stimulating. Many of us, especially women, get burned out with the demands of a full-time job and simultaneously raising a family.

With adrenal exhaustion due to chronically high stress levels, our health suffers. Worse yet, our inner soul is stifled as we substitute receipt of a pay-check for job satisfaction. It is a known fact, according to holistic health nutritionist, Cheryl Prince, that women are biologically less well equipped to combat stress than men.

Then come the weekend, women are too exhausted to enjoy their lives and tend to spend their free time recovering. If they don’t spend the weekend on the couch they don’t have the energy to carry on at work the following week. Quality of life suffers and existence becomes a “stay-at-home and watch some Netflix” kind of a humdrum.

People have realized that all this stress and striving has only resulted in isolation, loneliness and misery. A far cry from the goal that most people want: pure and simple happiness.

How can we free ourselves from our addiction to busyness and doing?

This is where feminine leadership comes in. Here are three ways you can help make the paradigm shift into a new realm of feminine principles.

1) Consider the art of the circle.

Have a meeting, whether at work or with your friends, with the chairs in a circle. Allow each person the opportunity to speak what is on their heart. Invite each women to maintain total silence while someone else is speaking. This is a place where listening from the heart is practiced. If you’d like each person can take notes or you can assign someone, although the point is to listen rather than to focus on how you want to respond next. In this way, each person is given a voice, which is honored and acknowledged without judgment.

After the person is done you can ask what the person needs from the group. From here, deep bonding can occur and surprising solutions may arise. Possibilities for change may be found that would not have been found in a more traditional, “I don’t need any help” or a “top-down” approach. During the process, notice your feelings. Observe, yourself and others, without judgment. You may wish to journal about this later and see how the circle meeting is different from the more familiar style of meeting.

2) Spend time in nature.

Spend time by a river or a lake and practice the art of listening. Just notice what sounds you hear. If your mind begins to wander return your focus to what you hear. You can also breathe in the beauty and with each exhale try saying, out loud, one thing you are grateful for.

The fresh air, cool breeze, and earthy ground will restore your nervous system, allowing you to slow down and truly connect with yourself in a way that’s hard to get when you are chained to your desk.

3) Practice mindfulness.

Give each task in your day 100% attention. This will bring you into a deeper awareness of the present moment, instead of always being stuck with our mind in the future and what we have to accomplish next.

Practice letting go — letting go of the past and the future so you can be in time with time, which is timeless when you are deeply present. Do you notice how time seems to expand and things seem to happen all by themselves or in the wink of an eye, when we have let go of the reins and just allowed ourselves to be with what is? That’s the beauty of flow.


Give it a try and let us know your experiences!





Elizabeth Morelle, MACP, is a Registered Clinical Counselor & Women’s Empowerment Coach. She helps women go from feeling stuck, shut down and caged in to feeling open, creative and free, so they can live their life of passion and purpose!

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