Why You Need a Work Bestie

Some people love their career, but not everyone. But don’t you wish you could spring out of bed on Monday mornings (or every other morning, for that matter) and be excited to get to work? But if that’s not you, don’t worry. If you have a work bestie, you can enjoy Monday through Friday just as well.

Friends are important. In fact, when people have deep, quality relationships, they tend to be healthier and happier. And it’s no different in the workplace. Having someone at work that you can count on, and are genuinely happy to spend time, with is crucial.

Here are 20 reasons you need a work bestie:

  1. To help each other

Sure, “help” is a vague word. But if you and your bestie have the same job (or even similar ones), they can help you accomplish things if they have time. And it doesn’t have to be restricted to work, either. They can help you do anything from get a stain out of your shirt to fetching some allergy medicine for you.

  1. To help determine who you can trust and who you can’t

Let’s face it – not everyone is trustworthy. You need to be discerning and really tune into your heart’s desire. It can be difficult to figure out who falls into which category. But if you have a work bestie, you guys can compare notes about the people you work with. Then you can be on the same page about who to trust and who not to.

  1. To hang around reliable people

Not only are people untrustworthy sometimes, but they can be flaky and unreliable. You and your bestie can figure out who you can count on, and who you can’t. And if you can team up on projects, that’s the best thing ever, because you know she’ll get the work done in a timely manner.

  1. To get out of the office during the day sometimes

Sometimes you just have had enough of it all at work! And when that happens, who better to get out and about with than your bestie? You can go grab some coffee together or just take a walk. Everyone needs a break at work, and your friend makes it even more enjoyable.

  1. To serve as your therapist

We all have problems, and our friends can frequently serve as our own private therapist. Whether our problems are personal or professional, your work bestie will be there to lend an ear – and some advice to help you sort it all out.

  1. To commiserate about your boss

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a cool boss. In fact, they seem few and far between! But even if your boss is the bane of your existence, if you have a friend at work to talk to about it, then you can kind of let that go.

  1. To go to happy hour after work

There’s nothing more fun that going to happy hour for a couple of cocktails after work on a Friday! But you sure don’t want to go with your cranky boss or your annoying co-worker. That’s where your bestie comes to the rescue!

  1. To give career advice

Who else knows your career path choices more than your work bestie? They have they insider’s perspective on what’s going on. So they will be able to give you much more well-informed advice than anyone else. And they can help you follow your dreams, despite the naysayers.

  1. To encourage you

Maybe you’re nervous about going up for that promotion, applying for a management position, or simply giving a presentation. Your friend will always be there to be your biggest cheerleader and to calm your nerves.

  1. To always have a lunch buddy

It’s no fun eating lunch at your desk. It’s lonely and isolating. But going out to lunch with people you don’t like isn’t much better. So if you have your bestie to eat with every day, you never have to worry about having a lame lunch hour ever again.

  1. To understand your work complaints

You might share the same boss and co-workers, or you might not. But either way, you work for the same company, so you both have the low-down on what goes on during the day. Your friend can understand your complaining, because she probably is doing the same thing.

  1. To have someone to borrow things from

Need some tissues? Or some feminine products? Maybe some makeup? Don’t worry. Your bestie has you covered. You never have to worry because she has your back when you run out of things you need.

  1. To actually look forward to Mondays

Even if you detest your job, you always have something to look forward to if you have a work bestie. You might not get to see them during the weekends, so it’s always great to catch up with each other on Monday mornings.

  1. To send secret messages during your meetings

The eye roles. The smirks. The inside jokes. The secret text messages you exchange to get through the meeting. You’re always on the same page with someone at all your meetings.

  1. To take a break when you feel stressed

Just go ahead and plop down in your bestie’s cubicle or office whenever you need to. When you’re sitting at a computer all day or running yourself ragged because you’re so busy, you sometimes just need to take a break to talk to your friend.

  1. To be your eyes and ears around the office

The office grape vine can be a scary thing. But if you have a friend who is listening and learning about things going on in your office, then you will be much more informed about what is going on.

  1. To be your back-up if you’re not in the office

If you call in sick or are away on vacation, your work bestie can cover for you. They can handle any problems that might come up or simply do some of your work. And they don’t mind, because they love you!

  1. To make work feel less like work

Most people associate the word “work” with “no fun.” But when you have a best friend there with you, it can feel like any time of day is happy hour – even without the cocktails.

  1. To go to work parties if you’re single

That dreaded Christmas party – we all know what that feels like. But it’s even less fun if you’re single and have to go by yourself. But you don’t have to when you have a best friend from work.

  1. To work with on committees and new projects

Working in teams and committees can be very challenging for most people. But when you have someone who is fun to be around and you trust, then he group work is more tolerable!

Having a work bestie is … well … the best! It’s not always easy to find one, but it certainly is worth it. So if you don’t have one – go talk to you co-workers, get to know them better, and find that perfect “best friend fit!”



Dr. Carol Morgan is a professor at Wright State University and a relationship, motivation, and success expert. She is also a keynote speaker, the author of several books, and a regular expert on the TV show, Living Dayton. Her expertise has also appeared on various popular websites such as The Huffington Post, eHow.com, Lifehack.org, and many others where articles have been shared on social media over a million times. To contact her, visit her website at: www.DrCarolMorgan.com.

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