Weird (But Simple) Tip to Become a Better Listener

Every weekday I’ll be in the Feminine Leader’s Lounge doing a live broadcast with awesome strategies and tips to help you become an even better leader. Today I’m sharing the weird tip I used to become a better listener. It is so simple and yet it radically shifted how I behaved when interacting with others. (Hint: it can be used for anything you want to shift, not just to become a better listener).

I don’t know about you but my mind goes a mile a minute. One of my gifts is strategic thinking. I often see the next 10 steps before most can articulate the step right in front of us. This was so frustrating for the longest time. I didn’t understand why other people couldn’t keep up. But now I realize my gift of strategic thinking helps me create the the most optimal solutions.

Watch the video and then leave a comment below letting me know how you can use my tip.

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Amanda Sowadski is a Life & Leadership Coach for Ambitious Women and the Founder of the Institute for Feminine Leadership. She helps women live and lead from the heart by tapping into their feminine energy. After nearly 15 years in corporate America, achieving a prestigious position, a great title, and a lucrative paycheck she realized there was so much more to life than work. After reconnecting with her soul she created a whole new model of feminine leadership where women can be free to be themselves and achieve the success they desire. When she's not sharing her insights she's laughing, building forts, and skipping with her daughter and husband in Minneapolis, MN.

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