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Professional women are under a lot of pressure to succeed. As they climb the corporate ladder they struggle with balance, overwhelm, imposter syndrome, and burn out. We give you the tools, processes, and community to tap into your feminine energy so you can live and lead with confidence, joy, ease and authenticity.

The Art of
Feminine Leadership

World-class training for women who are ready to live and lead from the heart

Women today are better educated, make more money, and are more successful than ever. Why then we do we feel burnt out, unfulfilled or even trapped by our lives? We’ve earned the degrees, closed the deals, climbed the ladders only to arrive and find that the finish line was a mirage.


To leave a legacy for our daughters, we must start a movement. A revolution of women who are living their purpose, grounded in their own self-worth, and committed to being of service in the world. Women who are living and leading with their heart and soul. Feminine Leadership is a new paradigm where collaboration, compassion, imagination, creativity, and intuition are celebrated and rewarded.

Institute for Feminine Leadership
Institute for Feminine Leadership
Institute for Feminine Leadership

our courses

Find Your Feminine Style

Developing the Leader Within

Developing the Leader Within

For: All Women
Level: Any
Topics: Ditch the SMART Goals & Embrace the Open Your HEARTS Model. Introduction to Feminine Leadership

Feminine Leadership in the Workplace

Feminine Leadership in the Workplace

For: Corporate Women
Level: Any
Topics: Influencing, Communication, Working in a Masculine Culture, Managing Up & So Much More

Leading Others & the Organization

Leading Others & the Organization

For: Female Leaders
Organizational Level: Managers & Above
Topics: Collaboration, Obtaining Buy-In, Conflict Resolution, Be a Visionary & More

Feminine Leadership Mastery

Feminine Leadership Mastery

For: Entrepreneurs, Spiritual Seekers
Level: Advanced
Topics: Developing Your Intuition, Creating Sisterhood, Embracing Duality


The Joy of
Purity and Peace

Tapping into your feminine energy helps you tune in to your intuition so you can trust your decisions, opens your heart, and breeds compassion.

Feminine Leadership is a framework for creating change in yourself, your life and the world. Based on the feminine principles of surrender, receiving, and inspired action, Feminine Leadership is about getting in touch with your greatest gifts so you can have more impact in your career and life.


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